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Azure Subscription Services Open for a new Microsoft tenant


This is the procedure we followed to register a new Microsoft Azure subscription for a company that does not have a subscription to Office 365.

Visit to sign up for Azure with a new organization.

Enter the name and surname of the company reference.

A name for the company domain similar to

Use your email address for reference.

Enter an username, for example admin and password; company

Enter company’s vat registration number.

As part of the process of signing up for Azure, you will be required to provide credit card details. We didn’t insert it. Whenever you log in to Azure’s portal you are asked for your credit card details.

You have to bought a new Azure Subscription Services Open from the Microsoft distributor, using Company’s name, your mail address (the same used creating Azure account) and Company’s vat registration number.

Using Microsoft Edge,  enter, in Azure Portal : credit card details are no longer required. You can add the license of the new Azure Subscription Services Open. That’s all.