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Error publishing Visual Studio Solution on GitHub

On VS 2013 and VS 2015, you should have this error, publishing, first time, your solution on GitHub Repository :

You cannot publish local branch master to the remote repository origin because a branch with the same name already exists there. You might want to rename your local branch and try again.

VS 2013/2015 will initialize the GIT repository when your first commit with sync. So, simple solution is to delete the GIT repository (how to delete) and recreate it without initialize option.

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autostart VM from ESXI 6.5 web client

How to set the autostart of the vm from the vmware 6.5 web client?

Click on the Virtual Machines on the left panel; click with the right mouse button. In the Menu – Autostart, set “Enabled”.

Repeat for all the vm where you want the autostart

Which order will the vm start with?

Click on “Virtual Machines2 label on the left panel. On the right panel, you’ll see a table with your vms. You can add autostart information by right-clicking column header > Select Columns. Check Autostart order.

How do I change the order of the autostart?

Click on the Virtual Machines on the left panel; click with the right mouse button. In the Menu – Autostart, you can see and set to start later or erlier.

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WordPress on Azure: Error establishing a database connection

You have a WordPress site hosted on Microsoft Azure.Perhaps your site is part of a free or shared app service plan.

Trying to connect to the site, one day, you have this wordpress error message:  Error establishing a database connection

How to find out and solve the problem?

Connecting  to Microsoft Azure Service with FTP

First of all you have to connect to the site via ftp to understand where the error is. We can connect to Azure web application with FTP also. In the Overview section of the your Azure web application, select “Get publish profile”. It will download a file that has a lot of things and teh details about FTP username and password, which is constant and can be used for FTP connection.

Enable WordPress Debug Logging

You need FTP connection to  enable WordPress Debug Logging. To enable error logging in WordPress, you will have to make both of the following changes :

  1. In wwwroot directory, create a file named .user.ini Add the following line:log_errors=on
  2. In wwwroot directory, open wp-config.php
    Add the following lines  :

//Enable WP_DEBUG mode
define('WP_DEBUG', true);

//Enable Debug Logging to /wp-content/debug.log
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);

//Supress errors and warnings to screen
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

//Supress PHP errors to screen
ini_set('display_errors', 0);

Also comment the line :

    /* define('WP_DEBUG', false); */

Analyze the Log File

Try to load your site. Now, through ftp, you can enter in the directoy LogFiles and analyze the file


Database error

Perhaps you have a database error, for example a duplicate key problem. On azure, in your app service, select Mysql In -app button. On the top of the section, you can see the Manage button. Click on the button and you’ll load the phpMyAdmin portal on your local Mysql DB.

Duplicate entry

If you have this kind of error : Duplicate entry ‘XXXXX’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ for the  query INSERT INTO `table_name`, just ran following command :

REPAIR TABLE table_name

That’s it! It was done.