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How to remove a windows computer from wsus updating

check if you are using wsus

First you need to check if the computer is updating via the wsus server.

Run Powershell as Administrator and run these commands :

$MUSM = New-Object -ComObject "Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager".


Check the output : if you are reading Windows Server Update Service
it’s the signal that source of updates is a wsus server.

Remove wsus from computer client

Run regedit.

Sarch for the folder


Delete the entire folder WindowsUpdate.

Run services

restart windows update service.

You can repeat the test of the first part to check if wsus has been removed from the client.

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how to delete bilions files from qnap

Pay attention to this guide because you could damage the machine

enable ssh access on qnap

Control panel -> Network & File Services -> Telnet /SSH

Enter in Qnap via SSH

Download Putty and login in qnap using name or ip address, username and password of administrator user.


Find your folder

All of you shares are under /share/<sharename>


cd /shares/myshare1/mydir
find . -type f -print -delete

The ‘pwd’ command will print the name of the directory you will be deleting the files from. This command will delete every file in the directory and print its name in your console (-print option).