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Move a mysql – mariadb database from one windows server to another windows server

Install xampp on the new server and If mysql is on, turn it off.

In the folder C: \ xampp \ mysql \ data create a new folder, for example with the name of the database you are moving.

Copy in it all the data files (.frm, .ibd, .myd, .myi) from the relative folder of the old server.

Make a copy in a backup folder of the file ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, ibdata1 those are in the folder “C: \ xampp \ mysql \ data” in the new server.

Copy the files ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, ibdata1 from the old server to the same location as the new server, i.e. in the folder C: \ xampp \ mysql \ data

Start mysql. Open a dos prompt, go to the directory

cd C: \ xampp \ mysql \ bin

mysql -u root -p

show databases;

You should see the new database added to the previous ones.

Open another dos prompt and check the tables with the commands

cd C: \ xampp \ mysql \ bin

mysqlcheck -uroot -p YOURDATABASE

Open your browser and connect to phpmyadmin with http: // localhost / phpmyadmin

You should see the database and tables.

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Opening a csv file in Excel. How to keep all leading zeros in fields

When you open a csv file in Excel, if you have data that contains zero (0) at the beginning, it will be transformed into numbers losing the leading zero. Let’s see how to avoid losing the leading zeros.

Do not open the csv file with Excel. Instead, open Excel with a new sheet. Go to the “Data” tab and press “from text / csv”.

Upload your csv file now. A new window appears which performs a data transformation.

Above you have some important choices.

Excel figured out which the csv file delimiter is. Note: use this procedure also when you are importing data saved in a csv file with a different delimiter from your standard.

Excel tries to figure out the data type for each column “based on the first 200 rows”; I recommend that you select “based on the entire dataset”. This way Excel should understand that the column with zeros contains text and not numbers. Press “Load” to end the procedure or “Transform Data” to force other choices if necessary.

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installing sqlserver 2008: Performance counter registry hive consistency check failed

if, during installation of Sql Server 2008 you have this error : Performance counter registry hive consistency check failed

First try

Open a command prompt with administrator user rights (Run as Administrator)

cd c;/windows/system32
lodctr /R:PerfStringBackup.INI

Restart the system and try again to install sqlserver

Second attempt

Open a command prompt with administrator user rights (Run as Administrator). Lunch install without that feature

C:\MyFolder\SQLEXPR_x86.exe /ACTION=install /SKIPRULES=PerfMonCounterNotCorruptedCheck
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Sql Server 2014, Integration Services and Oracle


SSIS is not present on Sql Server 2014. To create Integration Service packages, you must download and install SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

Download SSDT

You will also use this tool to convert SSIS packages created with Sql Server 2008 into the new project format.

Connect to Oracle from SSDT on SQL SERVER 2014

To connect to Oracle through ADO.NET in the SSDT environment, you must install an Oracle client. You’re definitely working on a 64-bit machine. You must download the 32-bit client and install it by choosing the “Administrative” installation type.