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“Failed bios lock” when installing HPE Reseller Option Kit (ROK) 2019 – 2022 Server

Installing the HPE Re-seller Option Kit (ROK) Windows 2019 or 2022 Standard and Datacenter server software onto VMware virtual machine you should received “Failed BIOS Lock” error which means the HPE branded OS software needs HPE hardware to run.

To solve it, shout down virtual machine and :

  • Enter the Edit Settings of the VM
  • VM Options, Advanced, Edit Configuration, Add Configuration Params then type:
  • Name field: smbios.addHostVendor
  • Value field: TRUE

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Install Proliant Service Pack (spp) using ILO


You have downloaded the Service Pack for ProLiant (spp) in iso format and want to install it using ILO.
In ILO open “Remote Console & Media” and load the iso. Restart the server and start installing the service pack. At some point the installation crashes (at a certain percentage of completion).


The problem is that you used ILO’s HTML5 client to load the ISO; you have to use the Java client.

Hmtl5 remote console unmaps the image after a while

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Installing Windows 2019 server on HPE server

Entering Intelligent Provisioning on the HPE server you realize that you can only install from CD ROM. But you haven’t mounted the CD player on your server.

With your iso create a bootable usb using for example Rufus. Does not work!

Download the “USB Key Utility” from the HP site to create a bootable USB with HPE specifications. Does not work!

What to do ?

The solution is very simple but poorly documented.


From your computer, go to the ILO page of the HP server. To do this you need to connect the server’s ILO port (it is a particular ethernet port) to the network. Turning on the server, if a DHCP server is active in your network, when you turn on the machine you will see, at the bottom, the ip address assigned to ILO. If a DCHP server is not active you will have to put a static ip by going to the utilities (button F9).

On the case of your HPE server there is a sticker with the password to access the ILO. Connect from your computer with a web browser to the ILO IP. The user is “Administrator”. Log in.

In this example I am using ILO 5.

On the left click on “Remote Console”.

A page appears from which you can open server management consoles, using different technologies. I’m using HTML 5. After the console opens, you have a button with a circle at the top. You can select your iso file which will be mounted on the server CD / DVD.

At this point you can restart the machine. To do this, you can send the ALT + CTRL + DEL command via the Remote Console keyboard.

When you reboot the server your iso will be mounted on CD / DVD and you can start the installation via Intelligent Provisioning.

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HPE Proliant Bios allert yellow message on start up

When you power up your new HPE Proliant server you may see this message in yellow.

Important information available or errors detected. Press F1 to continue. F2 for more information.

Push F2 and understand that the system is all healthy.

Why does the server give you this alert message?

Perhaps you have simply installed an additional power supply but have not plugged the cord into the mains.

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Update a hp server with an .iso file

If you need to upgrade a hp server with an iso file, such as Service Pack for Proliant or Intelligent Provisioning Recovery Media, you can not use generic software to create the usb key with the iso. You must use the HPE USB Key Utility for Windows / Linux.

Instructions for Windows

Download the file (link above) and run the installation.
In the c:\Program Files\usbkey folder, run the usbkey.exe file to create your iso on usb stick.