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How to remove a windows computer from wsus updating

check if you are using wsus

First you need to check if the computer is updating via the wsus server.

Run Powershell as Administrator and run these commands :

$MUSM = New-Object -ComObject "Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager".


Check the output : if you are reading Windows Server Update Service
it’s the signal that source of updates is a wsus server.

Remove wsus from computer client

Run regedit.

Sarch for the folder


Delete the entire folder WindowsUpdate.

Run services

restart windows update service.

You can repeat the test of the first part to check if wsus has been removed from the client.

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Move DNN Site To Another Windows Server and To Another Domain Name

To migrate a DotNetNuke site to another windows server you need to move both the database and the site to the new server.

You need to update your web.config file so that the database connection string points to your new database.

There are two tags on database connection. You have two look on these tags :


Migrate to another domain name

Perhaps you also want to change the name of the site: for example, your installation of DNN is made for the site but you want to move everything to

You have to go to the DNN database and edit the table PortalAlias
(right click on PortalAlias then click “Edit Rows”).
You must add a new line in the table with the value of the new site name.
Click on the last row. Leave the first column default.
Second column is your portal number (default is 0).
In the third column enter your temporary URL (
Set the last column value of the new row as “True” and change the other to “False”.

After this, very important, you have to go to IIS, in the Application Pool section, right click on the application pool of your site and click on “Recycle”.