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Storage, Region and Azure Machine Learning

If you are considering trying the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Microsoft and you are going to take the data from an Azure storage, remember that at this time (August 2016), the AML is available only in SouthEast Asia, West Europe and  South Central US

Since there are these limitations be careful to create storage in one of these three regions.

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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning testing csv import

For those of you who are experiencing with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, a short note on importing csv files to build your own dataset. If you produce a csv using Microsoft Excel in a nation where thedecimal separator is “comma” (Italy in my case) , you will get a file that has “comma” (,) as decimal separator and “semicolon” (;) as field separator.

This format is not compatible with AML and should be brought to the American standards: “the dot” (.) As decimal separator and “comma” (,) as the field separator.

Open with notepad  your csv:

Transform your decimal separator: from comma to dot
Transform the separator of fields: from semicolon to comma