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Microsoft Store doesn’t exist

You need reinstall Store. Type PowerShell in Start Search, right click to Run as Administrator, copy the following code and paste it into , press Enter:

PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Command "& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage *WindowsStore*).InstallLocation + '\AppxManifest.xml' ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}"

Restart the computer

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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning testing csv import

For those of you who are experiencing with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, a short note on importing csv files to build your own dataset. If you produce a csv using Microsoft Excel in a nation where thedecimal separator is “comma” (Italy in my case) , you will get a file that has “comma” (,) as decimal separator and “semicolon” (;) as field separator.

This format is not compatible with AML and should be brought to the American standards: “the dot” (.) As decimal separator and “comma” (,) as the field separator.

Open with notepad  your csv:

Transform your decimal separator: from comma to dot
Transform the separator of fields: from semicolon to comma