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Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive Web Download


We had a problem downloading folders using Onedrive web. Under some conditions the download of a folder stops or the result does not contain all the files of the source folder.
When we contacted Microsoft, we learned that there is a limit on downloading folders using Onedrive web:

  • The folder cannot contain more than 50,000 files
  • The single file cannot exceed 15GB in size.

Microsoft recommends using Onedrive client.

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How to see a OneDrive folder shared by others on your computer


A colleague of yours shared a folder with you through OneDrive; you can see this folder through the web portal but you also want to see it in the local list of your OneDrive folders.


  • Sign on
  • Select the OneDrive tile.
  • Select Shared from the menu on the left, on the top.
  • See, on the right, the whole list of folders shared with you
  • Select the folder you wish to sync and select Sync

  • Once the local synchronization is finished, the folder appears under your OneDrive folder on your computer