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Outlook 2007 in another language


From yesterday, Wednesday, September 13, 2007, maybe some of you by opening Outlook (version 2007) have had a “surprise”: Outlook looks oddly in a dual language.

The problem is an Outlook update made available by Microsoft on September 12 and that your computer has installed. The package is:

kb4011086: This is an upgrade for Microsoft Office for deep defense updates to enhance the security feature.

You must remove it from your computer to return to Outlook in your own language.

In the search space of your Windows (usually located at the right of the Start button start windows 10) write “Control Panel”.

Click on the application that is being offered …. called precisely … Control Panel

The control panel contains many programs. Click Programs and Features.

On the left, select “View installed updates”. Look for the kb4011086 update, select it. At the top, push the “Uninstall” button. Restart your computer. Check out Outlook.

If Outlook still raises the problem, repeat the procedure because you will find another kb4011086 update.

Last but not least, Microsoft Office 2007 support will expire on October 10, 2017, so there will not be more security patches … even those running