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Outlook search doesn’t work (from December 2021)

In these first days of 2022 you may have problems in the search function of your Outlook. For example, you might want to search for emails from a certain contact and only get emails received before 2022.

The problem is caused by a Windows update affecting the Windows search function. The update is KB5008212. Then check for Windows updates to see if you have this update installed.

How to solve?

To date (12th January 2022) Microsoft has not yet released an update that fixes the problem.

If you’re in serious trouble and don’t want to wait, Microsoft has released a workaround that disables the “Windows Desktop Search” which is the source of the problem for Outlook. It is an operation to be performed on the registry. At this link you will find the official Microsoft statement and the instructions for the workaround: Outlook Search not showing recent emails after Windows update KB5008212

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Outlook – font used in replying emails

When replying to an email with Outlook it may happen that you write the text using a different font than the one you normally use. For example it could be different in type and size (smaller!). The problem is that Outlook uses the font used by the sender in response.

To force the email to always use the same font you have to go to File – Options. In the configuration mask that appears, select the “Mail” block on the left, click on the “Decorative elements and fonts” button and set the desired fonts.

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Set up an Office 365 account on GMail

This article was born from the difficulties encountered in setting up a Microsoft Office 365 mail account on the Gmail mail client on a smartphone. But

Reading Office 365 in Gmail is not recommended.

In the Gmail add account screen, the most obvious attempt is to add the account using “Exchange and Office 365”.

You will see the mailbox added correctly and working but we have encountered problems: in some accounts on Gmail you do not see all the mail folders in the mailbox.


The solution is to perform an installation in imap.

Install the account using “Other”:

Once you have entered your email account, the “Manual Configuration” button appears.

Push it. The procedure will ask you in sequence:

address of the mail arrival server:
address of the mail receiving server:

The procedure does not require the specification of ports. For the sake of completeness, we recall all the parameters of the Microsoft Office 365 imap and smtp.

IMAP settings – Server name: – Port: 993 – Encryption method: SSL

SMTP settings – Server name: – Port: 587 – Encryption method: TLS or STARTTLS


By doing this you deactivate the synchronization of address book, calendar and email. To solve it, simply go to the Outlook app, in the account and reactivate the synchronization.

But remember that the best thing for Office365 is to use the Outlook app on smartphones. Reading Office 365 in Gmail is not recommended.


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Aprire file .pst con Outlook

Se avete un file .pst di una vecchia versione di outlook potete velocemente visualizzarlo con Outlook 365.

Andate su “File” in alto a sinistra. Cliccate su “Apri ed Esporta” sul menu a sinistra e quindi su “Apri file di dati di Outlook” più a destra. Si aprirà la finestra di esplorazione del computer; cercate il vostro file .pst e cliccate su “Ok”. La cartella del file pst comparirà subito nel vostro Outlook.

Ricerca nell’archivio email

Per cercare una particolare email in questo archivio, potete usare la cartella ricerca in alto a destra, avendo l’accortezza di selezionare come spazio di ricerca “sottocartelle”: outlook cercherà su tutto l’archivio.