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opening 2 simultaneous vpn connections with OpenVpn

With OpenVpn you can open 2 or more vpn channels simultaneously. Naturally the 2 networks in connections will have to be different.

When you launch a connection with OpenVpn, it engages the Tab Adapter network card that was installed during the installation of OpenVpn. If you try to open a new connection with OpenVpn you will be notified that the TabAdpater tab is already in use.

To solve the problem the trick is to install a new TabAdapter. When you launch the second connection OpenVpn will use this second card.

Install a TabAdapter
Unfortunately we only have pictures in Italian, I hope it will still be useful.

Go to Device Manager and click Action – Add Hardware

This form appears:

Click on Next

Select “Install the selected hardware…” and click next

Select network adapters and click Next

Select TAP-Windows Provider V9 and click Next

Click on Next and then on Finish. This will give you a new TAP Adapter