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Nakivo : Backup da Vmware su QNAP

Di seguito un promemoria dei passi per eseguire la configurazione di una struttura composta da un server Vmware che contiene una appliance Nakivo e che deve eseguire i backup su un nas QNAP.

Installare l’appliance Nakivo sul server Vmware

Seguire i seguenti passaggi dalla seguente documentazione :

Configurazione QNAP

Nel QNPA creare una cartella dedicata (es. NakivoBck) , senza il cestino di rete (togliere il flag dalle proprietà della cartella).

Installare nel QNAP il Transporter Nakivo

documentazione :

Configurazione Nakivo

Usare il browser Edge per entrare in Nakivo

Alla voce Nodes configurare il Transporter di destinazione cioè quello inserito nel QNAP

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Updating Nakivo Appliance in environment with Qnap nas

Nakivo Environment

In this environment we have a Nakivo Appliance and a Qnap nas, used as Nakivo backup repository. We need to update the Nakivo appliance that currently is at 10.6 version.

Updating Nakivo using web console

Enter in your Nakivo web interface, navigate to “Seetings” – “Software Update”. The procedure proposes to you the 10.7 version. Proceed. You’ll reice a warning that “remote transporters will not be updated automatically”. After this procedure the Nakivo will be at 10.7 version and not other updates will be avalaible. Indeed the web console signals that your qnap transporter is “out of the date”. So you need to update it to use it. And here there is the problem: we’ll sew that, using nakivo qnap site , you’ll be able to install only the version 10.9 of qnap trasporter that is newer than the currently Nakivo appliance version. So you first need to install the 10.9 version on your Nakivo appliance, but you need to do it manually

Updating Nakivo manually

Using Nakivo upadte site you have to download the “Virtual Appliance”. You”ll download the file

Using the application Winscp connect to your Nakivo appliance via ssh. Upload the sh file in the folder /opt/nakivo/updates.

To enter via ssh in a nakivo appliance the default credential are :

  • username : root
  • password : QExS-6b%3D

Now you have to follow this instruction to update the application : Nakivo manual.

Updating Nakivo Transporter in Qnap

In our environment , the Qnap has a Nakivo Transporter App version 10.6.0, compatible with the starting version of our Nakivo appliance. It’s not possible to update this version automatically via qnap, you need to downnload from Nakivo site the new transporter and update it via Qnap web console.

In Nakivo site , you have to choose between the intel or arm transporter package. You’ll download a opkg file.

So, enter in qnap web console and install it manually :

Unable to install Qnap Transporter because the digital sign is invalid

If you are unabled to install the Nakivo Trasporter package because you recive an error that report that the digital sign is invalid , yoiu need to allow installation of applications without a valid digital signature. Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the App Center. On the General tab, check the option “Allow installation of applications without a valid digital signature”.

Issue with Nakivo web interface 10.9 in web browser

Even if Nakivo siuggests to use chrome or Firefox to use properly its web interface, we had problem using Chrome. We solved it using Microsoft Edge.


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how to delete bilions files from qnap

Pay attention to this guide because you could damage the machine

enable ssh access on qnap

Control panel -> Network & File Services -> Telnet /SSH

Enter in Qnap via SSH

Download Putty and login in qnap using name or ip address, username and password of administrator user.


Find your folder

All of you shares are under /share/<sharename>


cd /shares/myshare1/mydir
find . -type f -print -delete

The ‘pwd’ command will print the name of the directory you will be deleting the files from. This command will delete every file in the directory and print its name in your console (-print option).